R.S.'s "Waiting For The Day" national magazine feature coming soon!


R.S. and his single "Waiting For The Day" will be featured in an upcoming issue of the American Stroke Association's nationally distributed magazine, Stroke Connection!  Be on the look out for the article and stay tuned for more updates!


Tom Joyner's official website posts "Popping Bottles"!


Tom Joyner's official website posted "Popping Bottles".  Check out the write up below!


"Popping Bottles" hits rock radio!?!


"Popping Bottles" hits rock radio!?! Check it out below...


Kimberly Seals Allers' posts "Popping Bottles"


Kimberly Seals Allers' website just posted the "Popping Bottles" video! Check out the article...


Unlatched. posts "Popping Bottles" shares "Popping Bottles" shared R.S.'s "Popping Bottles" video via their Twitter and Pinterest pages.  Thanks for the shout out!


R.S attends the 2013 Breastfeeding Summit by ROSE!


R.S. attended the 2013 Breastfeeding Summit by in Atlanta August 8th and 9th where the "Popping Bottles" video was played to the 250 plus people in attendance.  Please visit for information and please show them your support! A special thanks and shout out go to Kim Buggs and the rest of the ROSE team for putting on a great conference! 


Mamava wants R.S. to babysit? lol tweets out the "Popping Bottles" video and jokingly inquires about babysitting jobs for R.S.! Check it the link:


The Baby Spot Canada has posted "Popping Bottles"!


Thanks to for linking to Popping Bottles! Check it out below...


Dria Cover posts "Popping Bottles"!


Dria Covers wrote a great blog post supporting "Popping Bottles"!  Please check out Dria Covers at posts "Popping Bottles"


Check out the post on originally from! recognizes "Popping Bottles"


New post on (Circle of Mom's Top 25 blog), recognizes "Popping Bottles" for normalizing breastfeeding! Check it out below: - New Article/Interview about "Popping Bottles"


Check out the new article/interview with R.S. about "Popping Bottles" on popular site below.  Stay tuned for more updates! blog, Dadabase, posts "Popping Bottles" blog, Dadabase, shouts out "Popping Bottles" in the latest post! Check it out below. is the online home to Parents Magazine.   Be sure to check out the Dadabase blog. Always a great read! Stay tuned for more updates.


Disney's covers/interviews R.S. "Popping Bottles"


Alice Gomstyn wrote an excellent piece on "Popping Bottles" for Disney's!!  The piece made it to Babble's Daily newsletter.  Thanks Alice!

Check out Alice's hilarious blog Mildly Inappropiate Mom: tweets "Popping Bottles" to followers tweeted "Popping Bottles" to 84k followers last night! Stay tuned for updates... writes "Epic" article on "Popping Bottles"


Giselle Castro of wrote a great article on the "Popping Bottles" video!  Check it out below: posts "Popping Bottles" just posted the R.S. "Popping Bottles" video!  Jezebel's Larua Beck called for the internet to make R.S. and baby Yazzy the next Justin Bieber!  Let's go:) covers "Popping Bottles"


Tara of gave her perspective on "Popping Bottles".  Read it below:


CafeMom's The Stir covers "Popping Bottles"


Michele Zipp of has just posted a great article about R.S.'s "Popping Bottles" video.  Cafemom is one of the premier parent sites and has been featured in Forbes magazine among many others.  Check out the article below and stay tuned for updates.


"New Girl" Zooey Deschanel's features "Popping Bottles"


Popular website just posted the R.S. "Popping Bottles" video!  The site is owned by Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer, and Sophia Rossi.  Special thanks to Molly and Blaire for the post!  Stay tuned for more updates... reviews "Popping Bottles" has posted the "Popping Bottles" video by R.S.!  HooplaHa has over 147,000 Facebook likes and has been covered on sites like and  Let's go!


BuzzFeed recommended log post "Popping Bottles" video! which has been listed as one of the Top 90 blogs on the internet according to posted R.S.'s new video "Popping Bottles".  Shout out to and keep checking back for updates on R.S.


Daily Mom Report features Popping Bottles


Forbes Magazine recommended site has posted the "Popping Bottles" single/video by R.S. on their front page!  Be sure to check it out.  A case of babysitting gone horribly wrong to a catchy track ;)


"Popping Bottles" single/video released!!!


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


New R.S. single in May


A new single and VIDEO from R.S. will be debuting May so stay tuned for updates!


Party All Night Long!

Download R.S.'s new single "Party All NIght Long" for free right here !!!

New R.S. Japanese Website Reaches #1!!!

The new R.S. Japanese website is getting high traffic out of Japan and is currently the most visited site on Top Music Japan! Thanks for your continued support! Follow the R.S. Japanese Twitter @RealRsJapan and check the R.S. Japanese Facebook page and "like it"!

"Waiting for the Day" on BigCityFM!

My father was truly touched by my tribute song "Waiting for the Day" and your reactions to it. From my family to yours, thank you to everyone who supported the song and helped me deliver this special gift to my dad. I want to give a special thank you to Deejay Dex Williams (@DeejayDex80) for playing "Waiting for the Day" during The Big Show on Big City FM, 101.3 FM in Boston. People are loving the track in Boston! Listen to Deejay Dex from 2pm to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, on THE BIG SHOW. On Thursday nights, between 10pm and 1am, you can also catch him on THE LIQUID MIX. Big City 101.3 FM

A Father's Day Dedication

As an independent artist who creates Adult Contemporary Hip-Hop, I am free to describe my real experiences, as a grown man, without worrying about conforming to stereotypes or dominant narratives. For example, while fathers are rarely celebrated in mainstream rap, I’ve written a Father’s Day dedication for my dad, with a perspective no less authentic than songs that say “he wasn’t there” and “my mom hates me because I look like my father.” The deadbeats get enough shine. I have an excellent relationship with my father and I hope all of you reading this, who know men who have loved, worked, and sacrificed to ensure good lives for their children will join me in celebrating him and remembering the good men you know the next time someone talks like those fathers don’t exist. Overcoming all obstacles with intelligence and confidence, my dad worked his way up to executive positions at prominent companies and also operated his own small (but very successful) business. In addition to being my playmate and my model for manhood and strength, he is still someone I turn to for insights on business and investing. He taught me how to make moves and how to ask questions that cut to what matters. Ten years ago my father had a severe stroke that left him partially paralyzed and nearly took his life. At the time, doctors and nurses said they had never seen anyone go that far down hill from a stroke and survive, but he did. The doctors said he would never walk again, and although it was difficult, he did. That’s just like dad: always defying expectations. Still, as other families of stroke survivors know, the effects of a stroke are long lasting and life altering, and this has certainly been true in my dad’s case. But he’s still fighting. My song “Waiting for the Day” is dedicated to my father and it tells the story of my father’s stroke while speaking to our closeness and how he has shaped me into the man I am today. You can listen to it at My dad showed me the blueprint for how to be there for my future children. He’s truly been my hero and he has done everything he could in his life to make my life better than his. My father has often told me how proud he is of me and my success, but now it is my turn (and as a gift to him I am doing it very publicly!). Let’s celebrate all of the fathers: real men who have been present and accounted for in their children’s lives. The third Sunday of June is for them. We can celebrate mothers or spit on deadbeats another day. Salute! You can reach R.S. at Coverage of R.S. and his music has appeared in The Financial Times,, Business Insider, Der Spiegel, Yahoo! Finance, and other publications.



These YouTube comments and emails are very funny. Don’t believe everything you read; I have NEVER worked on Wall Street and I have NEVER worked for any banking institution. I am a relatively new foreign exchange trader who simply wants opportunities to make money for my family. Spin is fun, but facts matter (hypocrisy, really?). This is about my interests as a MIDDLE CLASS ENTREPRENEUR and has NOTHING to do with riding for Wall Street. People like Der Spiegel’s Stefan Schultz need to take a second listen.


Lyrics to CFTC (Babysit Me)




Why you wanna babysit me?

Uh oh O-oh



I'll tell you how the end begun/ they talking leverage 10:1/

Now you don't make a living for me/ how you make decisions for me?/

Weather stormy/ thunder to come/ used to leverage 200:1/

They praying for my self destruction/Dodd and Frank/I smell corruption/

It's disgusting/ Old scam/ Fraud?/ Dog, I'm a grown man/ with my own plan/

Don't babysit/ Proposal reeks of baby s**t/

I need some room to make me rich/ So 50:1 you make me quit/

You're hiding behind consumer protection/ Kick us out/ you move the direction/

Shift the markets/ get your pockets/ fat as hell and rich from profits/

How you gonna tell me how to invest?/

Obama, please get me outta this mess/

Now I'm stressed/ This one's for ages/ bill is 2,300 pages/

Makes me want to get a lawyer/ Cuz I've got a question for the….




Why you wanna babysit me?

Uh oh Uh oh



I see Big Brother is watching/ my every move like my mother/.

I'm going under fast/ Who controls it?/ makes me wonder/

Rules to consume the consumer/ I can't move/ I'm the loser/

Dodd and Frank/ abuse us/ changed the odds/ No more rumors/

Leverage is 50:1/ Even 20 on some/

Now my money is done/ 9-to-5s here I come/

It makes me want to cry out/They're trying to fry my account/

This world is crazy/Why they always push the little guys out?/

This bigger government/keep us poor/ they loving it/

Tell you more I love my pips/ Met-a-Trader?/ forward this/

Hate my job/ I'm bored with this/ I can go so long with this/

Take profits/get all the chips/ We've got a new song for this/




Why you wanna babysit me?

Uh oh Uh oh


R.S. & L~Reece 



R.S.: CFTC - Behind The Music


I don’t need a nanny. I don’t need a babysitter. Look carefully at my URL: You’ve heard L~Reece and me vent our frustrations on CFTC (Babysit Me), and now here is Part 1 of the “Behind The Music” special.

Lil’ Jon sells wine. Dr. Dre sells head phones. E-40 sells wings. The incredible Tech N9ne sells out shows (have you seen that dude live?). Your man, R.S. sells and buys currencies through the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex).

Next month (on October 18th) new CFTC regulations will take effect that I fear will make it difficult for me to continue as a successful foreign exchange trader. The leverage reduction proposal, and the possibility that UK subsidiaries of US brokers will follow FXCM in shifting accounts back to the US, isn’t getting enough mainstream attention in my opinion.

After several months of studying and testing, L~Reece (@LReeceHipHop) and I have gotten pretty good at catching pips for profit. We understand that some people run scams and frauds. We understand that traders can lose significant amounts of money if they have not studied and are not disciplined. That being said, we are adults who are aware of the risks associated with trading (potential traders who are unfamiliar with the risks of trading should type the word “Forex” into any search engine). Who are these guys at the CFTC to hide behind consumer protection and limit my opportunities for “my own good?” It’s like I said in the song, “you don’t make a living for me, so how do you make decisions for me?”

These new regulations might guarantee that trading is unprofitable for traders that currently have “R.S. size balances,” while having little impact on how big dog traders, with “Jay-Z size balances,” move. Earlier proposals were worse than the current one; back in January, these guys were talking about 10-to-1 leverage! Why do these people have the power (and the nerve) to propose this nonsense?

Put aside the controversial changes that directly restrict leverage; we could be pushed out of trading if Dodd-Frank forces us to work exclusively with US brokers. At present, it is easier for the everyday US trader to grow and achieve profitability with a UK broker due to factors like less leverage restrictions and the availability of platforms including MT4.

I am tired of the rumors and the ambiguity. My friends and I are still trying to get clarity on whether it will be worth our time to continue trading after October 18th!

Whether you trade Forex, the bigger issues are autonomy and unnecessary restrictions on our opportunities to take risks for profit. We are naturally entitled to freedom, so it is a question of whether this government is going to protect that freedom or diminish it. If I take a risk for profit, I can live with the consequences of my decision: good or bad.

 Say it again with me. CFTC, why do you want to babysit me?


We’re not done here.

R.S. & L Reece: CFTC (Babysit Me)




Buy "CFTC (Babysit Me)" @ CDBaby (International)

R.S. supporters around the world, holders of all currencies, the new single CFTC (Babysit Me) is now available for purchase through CDBaby @ Buy it now!

FXStreet: CFTC (Babysit Me) - Hip-Hop Hit!

My team and I visit daily, so I was honored and excited to find CFTC (Babysit Me) featured on the blog of Francesc Riverola, CEO of FXstreet. The song ( FXstreet's coverage of it have been the only bright spots associated with the leverage reduction proposal and the possibility that UK subsidiaries of US brokers will follow FXCM in shifting accounts back to the US. We’re still trying to get clarity on whether it will be worth our time to continue trading after October! Read Francesc Riverola's blog at: Thanks Francesc!

Four NEW R.S. songs debut today!

Didn’t I tell you the drought was over? Listen, download, and tell your friends! And get at me with your feedback. CFTC (Babysit Me) featuring L~Reece Show Out (That Dude) One Night Love 700 Plus Available through our Nimbit player at

R.S. collaborator Virtuous hosts HHKNJ!

I’ve been an ATLien for a few years, but I haven’t forgotten my New Jersey roots. If you ever find yourself in New Jeru on the right day, catch my man Virtuous (who you heard on “Windows Down”) hosting Hip-Hop Karaoke NJ @ the Skybox Lounge in Roselle. HHKNJ provides the stage, the track, a DJ & a hype man; you rock the mic! Past guests have included Naughty by Nature, Rah Digga, and Lords of the Underground. Maybe I’ll see you there! Visit Hip Hop Karaoke NJ online @

R.S. - Mister "Relative Strength" is back!

We’re back, we’re alive, and we’re ready to deliver the next generation of Adult Contemporary Hip-Hop! A very special thank you goes to everyone who bought ...Louder Than Words and has taken an interest in my music. Watch this space…the drought ends this month!


Japan is still holding it down! The album sold out AGAIN more than 2 years after its release on More are on the way! Stay tuned for updates on the new R.S. album coming in the 1st half of 2008! The first single is coming in February. Straight Heat!!!

The next stage of Adult Contemporary Hip-Hop

Building on the momentum of creating music for the Obama campaign, R.S. is preparing a new project. R.S.'s last album "...Louder Than Words" is still selling in Japan after being on the market for more than two years. It's about to go down again! Stay tuned and sign up for the email list to be the first to get info on R.S.

R.S. Music / Barack Obama???

R.S. has been chosen to compose music that will be featured in several online promotions in support of Barack Obama's presidential run! R.S. can also been seen in the recently filmed videos which will be widely circulated and will have a strong presence on and We will provide an update as the videos are released. Stay tuned and get ready for the NEW R.S. ALBUM "Louder Than Words II: Grown Man Business" coming the first quarter of 2008! If you would like to be a part of the R.S. online street team in preparation for his new album please send an email to for details!

Japan is STILL holding it down!

Not only has Japan continued to support R.S.'s "Louder Than Words" on over a year into it's release, R.S.'s overseas digital sales are starting to sore with Japan taking the lead! R.S. is still supporting the "Louder Than Words" project and is about to head back to the studio to work on "Louder Than Words II: Grown Man Business" due in 2007. BE sure stay tuned as things are hot and heavy behind the scenes. Expect some MAJOR announcements soon! and be sure to check out R.S.'s myspace production page. Word is spreading rapidly in the industry about R.S.'s work behind the boards! Holla...

Check R.S.'s newly updated MySpace Page!

Be sure to check out R.S.'s newly updated MySpace Page at and show that love. The page features the new blazin' club remix to Heaven! Alot of bigs things are in the works with R.S. and R.S.J. Entertainment so be sure to check back to get the latest updates.

R.S.'s "Windows Down" gets Radio Play!!!

Last week, R.S.J. Entertainment artist, Virtuos, premiered the summer anthem "Windows Down" in which he's featured on at 90.3 Rutgers radio and the track got a lot of love! This is the third song from R.S.'s "...Louder Than Words" album to receive radio play since it's release! A lot of power moves are in the works for R.S. so stay tuned....Thanks for the support and look for R.S. to make an appearance on 90.3 in the near future!

R.S. song from 2002 heating up on the net!

"Sips From Your Hourglass" is BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! So we guess we're not the only ones "Googling" R.S. Many of R.S.'s new fans have discovered some of his previously released tracks, and one heater in particular has leaked on the net and has been getting a lot of love. So here it is for an encore performance, "Sips From Your Hourglass" from 2002. Check it in our music section. Holla!

R.S.'s "Build With You" gets Radio Spins!

R.S.'s track, "Build With You" has been put in rotation on the CT radio station and show "The Upper Room with Joe Kelley"! Make sure to check out the station and get those request going! Here we are six months later and the movement continues! More news coming soon...stay tuned!


Nearly 6 months into the release of R.S.'s album, "...Louder Than Words", the CD is consistently selling and for a fourth time has sold out on! More are already on the way so check back in a few days. As always you can cop the cd here for $9.99. There are a lot of things in the works for R.S. and the adult contemporary hip hop grown and sexy movement so check back for more updates and announcements soon. Thanks for your CONTINUED support! Holla...

"Get Away" blowing up on U.K. Radio!!!

After only receiving limited airplay for a week on radio, R.S.'s lead single "Get Away" has already cracked the top ten on the station. Last week "Get Away" was the 7th most requested song on the station and one of the highest new entries to enter the top 40 chart! We'd like to thank everyone for their continued support. Keep voting ( "Get Away" so we can get it in that top spot. And don't forget the album is on sale on the U.K. site! R.S.'s International Buzz continues!!! Holla back!!!

Portion of sales to help Hurricane Victims

For the month of September, a portion of the proceeds of sales of R.S.'s "..Louder Than Words" cd purchased from will be donated to assist the hurricane victims in Gulf Coast. We would like to send our condolences to everybody who was effected by hurricane Katrina. We send our prayers and hope that this tragedy lets everyone know that we have to be in a position take care of ourselves. (See "From Here"). We encourage everyone to contribute if you can.

Japan still strong, UK & Denmark represent!

Japan is still showing their support on in August and we can't thank Japan enopugh for their continued support! Now Denmark and the UK are starting to make some noise on and for R.S.'s "..Louder Than Words" cd. The cd is starting to spread internationally and the single "Get Away" will be debuting Monday 8/22 on the UK station so be sure get those request in to get in the top 40! We'd like to thank everyone for their support. Keep the love coming. Holla back!!!

Peace up, the "A" Towns down with R.S.!

R.S. spent most of last week out in the ATL promoting his new "...Louder Than Words" cd & would like to give a shout out to all the spots he hit up and thank everyone for the warm welcome. A big shout out goes to Lenox Square Mall, Buckhead, Club Frequency, Club 112, Lepard Lounge, all my ATL supporters, and those who got hit with those samplers (cop that disc!). The southern hospitaltiy was real and expect R.S. to be back in the near future for performances. Check back for updates. Holla!!!

Japan Continues To Show Love!!!

R.S.'s Japanese fans CONTINUE to show love by buying the new album on After being restocked the album began selling immediately and is close to selling out once again! (Don't worry more are already on the way). Again RSJ Entertainment can't thank our Japanese supporters enough. KEEP THE LOVE COMING! Holla!!!

We're Doing It Big In Japan!

RSJ-Entertainment would like to give a special thanks to all of our Japanese fans who have been among our strongest worldwide supporters. R.S.'s "....Louder Than Words" recently sold out on thanks to the support of his Japanese fans and Japanese sales made for a significant part of last week's sales. The album has just been made available again on today!!! Feel free to purchase your copy at, or through any of our other partners. We appreciate the love!

Worldwide Distribution Coming 7/26!!

Check back soon for more details about the non-exclusive distribution deal.

R.S. Editorial creates a Buzz!!!

Recently an editorial by R.S. titled "Adult Contemporary Hip Hop" was featured on the popular websites and As a result R.S. and the "..Louder Than Words" album has been exposed to a world wide Hip Hop audience and has resulted in R.S.J. Entertainment, L.L.C. being inundated with emails and potential opportunities to further expose "..Louder Than Words" and the new sub-genre "Adult Contemporary Hip Hop." To see the editorial please click on the "Press" section of the web site. Stay Tuned for more news.

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